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Playbill Advertising

For the fall musical and spring play, we offer advertising opportunities in our Playbill. Professionally designed and printed, the Playbill serves as our program for the show and offers many opportunities for advertising. Playbill ads are a great way to support ORTAB while showcasing your business.

Ad sizes

  • Full-page (5.25'' x 8.25'') - Included with Premier Season  or Platinum Season Sponsorship

  • Half-page (5'' x 4'' horizontal) - Included with Gold Season or Silver Sponsorship

  • Half-page (2.47'' x 8'' vertical) - Included with Gold Season or Silver Sponsorship

Ad details

Ensure your ad prints correctly and streamline the process by submitting your ad accordingly:

  • High resolution 300 dpi

  • Preferred file format: JPEG or PNG


  • Fall deadline: October 1

  • Spring deadline: February 1


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