Current Volunteers Needed:

  • Merchandise Committee Lead (2020-2021 school year)

  • Playbill Designer (Spring 2021 production)

  • Playbill Advertising Lead (Spring 2021 production)

Show-specific volunteer opportunities:

  • Concession and Ticket Sales:  Watch your inbox for Sign-Up Genius to volunteer.

  • Meal Delivery:  During "Tech Week" students sign up and pay a nominal fee to receive meals.  Help is needed to pick up and deliver pre-ordered meals.

  • Lobby Decor:  Use your creative mojo to help decorate the lobby with the show's theme.

  • Playbill Advertising Lead (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 productions):  Graphic design experience needed to create a Playbill for each show.

  • Initial Set-up before opening night (ticket tent, lighting, etc) and Tear-down on closing night (ticket tent, lobby decor, etc).

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